India reveals when 'all the world's problems' will be solved

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 India revealed when "all the problems of the world" will be solved

Indian judge Samir Vinodchandra Vyas, during sentencing of a suspect in illegal transportation of cows, said that “all the problems of the world” will be decided when the slaughter of cows is stopped.

According to Bar and Bench.

cow blood, all problems will be solved and the prosperity of the earth will reign.

The judge also noted that “if the cows remain unhappy, then our wealth and property disappear.”

” ;The problems that exist today are related to the spread of irascibility and hot temperament. The only reason for their growth is the slaughter of cows. Until this is completely prohibited, sattwic climate change cannot have its effect,” the court said.

Recall that in Hinduism, the cow is considered a sacred animal.

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