India: people on the bridge deliberately rocked it a few minutes before the collapse

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 India: people on bridge intentionally rocked it minutes before collapse

Police on Tuesday arrested nine people as they investigated the collapse of a recently repaired 143-year-old suspension bridge in the town of Morbi, Gujarat.

Authorities said they the bridge collapsed under the weight of hundreds of people, knocking them over into the water. Surveillance video shows the bridge shaking violently as people struggled to hold on to cables and metal railings before the aluminum walkway gave way and collapsed into the river.

Vijay Goswami, who was visiting relatives in Morbi , told local media that he and his family left the bridge because of people rocking the structure.

“I and my family were on the bridge when some young people started deliberately rocking it”,– says a witness.

Inspector General Ashok Yadav said the police have formed a special investigation team, and among those arrested are managers of the Oreva Group, which operates the bridge. Sandipsin Zala, a spokesman for the city of Morby, said the company opened the bridge without first obtaining a “certificate of fitness”.

said Inspector Yadav.

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