India launches first private rocket into space

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 India launches first private rocket into space

Indian startup Skyroot Aerospace, backed by India's Space Research and Development Organization (ISRO), launched the country's first privately owned Vikram-S rocket into space on November 18, according to CNN.

Co-Founder Skyroot Aerospace Pawan Kumar Chandan noted after the launch that this mission symbolizes not only India's first private rocket launch, but also the potential of the new India.

carriers of the Vikram series of orbital class, including many subsystems and technologies that will be tested at the stages before and after launch,” the company notes.

89.5 kilometers. The rocket will carry out a suborbital mission.

Skyroot Aerospace is based in the southern technology hub of Hyderabad. According to Tracxn, it was founded by former ISRO engineers who raised $68 million. It is the first startup to sign an MOU with ISRO.

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