India: ferocious monkeys kill dogs for “revenge”

India: ferocious monkeys kill dogs in revenge

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In India, angry monkeys kill dogs and attack people, including small children.

Incidents take place in the towns of Majalgaon, Lawul and the Bid region located in the state of Maharashtra. Locals say the monkey violence began when dogs killed a baby monkey.

Not a single dog remained in Lavula, according to the Daily Mail. In total, the monkeys killed about 250 dogs.

Since there are almost no dogs left, the primates attack children, which causes even greater panic among the locals. In one case, monkeys grabbed an 8-year-old child and tried to drag him away. The child was saved only thanks to adults who threw stones at the monkeys.

Local residents turned to the authorities to deal with the wild animals. However, the police were reportedly unable to do anything and did not catch a single ferocious monkey.

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