India faces abnormally hot spring after warmest February on record

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 India is in for an abnormally hot spring after the warmest February ever

India is likely to experience heatwaves between March and May, especially in the central and northern wheat-growing states, the meteorological office said on Tuesday, noting that this year's February was the warmest on record, according to Reuters

A heat wave for the second year in a row could reduce production of wheat, rapeseed and chickpeas and complicate government efforts to reduce food inflation.

Higher temperatures can also lead to increased energy use in the summer.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, in March, a crucial month for the ripening of winter crops, higher than usual maximum temperatures are likely in most parts of the country, exception m of peninsular India.

“The wheat harvest has already been stressed by high temperatures in February. A warmer March will definitely lead to lower yields”, — said a grain trader from an international trading company in Mumbai.

India grows only one crop of wheat a year, planted in October and November and harvested in March.

wheat production in India in 2022 and forced the second largest producer in the world to ban exports.

The average maximum temperature in February was 29.54 degrees Celsius, the highest since 1901, when weather observations began to be recorded in India .

According to the meteorological service, in February the country received 68% less precipitation than usual.

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