India approves new nasal vaccine against COVID-19

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 New COVID-19 nasal vaccine approved in India

Indian medical company Bharat Biotech has created a new alternative to conventional injection vaccines.

Bharat Biotech has recently developed a new COVID-19 vaccine, iNCOVACC, that can be enter nasally. This is reported by the Jerusalem Post.

This new vaccine stimulates an immune response based on tissues lining the nasal cavity.

The Central Drug Standards Authority of India approved the vaccine for general use in December 2022 with the possibility of a booster vaccination. The nasal vaccine is expected to cost Rs 800 (US$10) per dose in private hospitals and Rs 325 per dose in public hospitals.

Scientists believe nasal vaccines can provide additional immunity in the nasal mucosa and upper respiratory tract. It is known that COVID enters the body through these channels.

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