“Independent Ukraine will not”: Tsymbalyuk warned what the outcome of the negotiations with the Russian Federation

"Независимой Украины не будет": Цимбалюк предупредил, чем закончатся переговоры с РФ

Well-known journalist predicts a full-scale takeover of Ukraine by the Russians

Roman Tsymbalyuk sees no way to correct the situation in favor of the Ukrainians. Such conclusion was made by analyzing the press conference of foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the results of diplomatic relations last year. The blogger does not believe in peaceful solution of the issue, said in his review on YouTube.

Ukrainian correspondent quoted the Russian Minister that the Donbass will never surrender and will not kneel. According to Roman Tsimbalyuk, currently, Donbass is no longer able to stand, even on his knees: “He’s lying, and presses the top of the Russian occupation of boots,” said the blogger.

"Независимой Украины не будет": Цимбалюк предупредил, чем закончатся переговоры с РФ

Roman Tsymbalyuk sure that the efforts of neither the current nor the future President of Ukraine will not be able to save Donbass. The occupation may continue for many years. He urged not to believe in the possibility of peace or compromise. According to the blogger, Kyiv will never agree with Russia concerning the Eastern territories.

The journalist sees only one scenario, in which Russia will take away their appetites. The Donbass have to obey Moscow with other regions of Ukraine. The latter can forget about independence.

Earlier Roman Tsymbalyuk predicted the plans of Vladimir Putin to escalate the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. He drew attention to the suspicious Russian President’s statements on humanitarian assistance.

"Независимой Украины не будет": Цимбалюк предупредил, чем закончатся переговоры с РФ

According to the blogger, such goods can be issued anything. Ammunition, weapons and military equipment will not be an exception. As well as other funds necessary for the continuation of hostilities in the Donbass.

Roman Tsymbalyuk said the main achievement of Minsk agreements. After signing the documents the promotion of the “Russian world” into Ukraine stopped at the line of contact 12 February 2015. Beyond that, the separatists came only during the assault on debaltseve.

Ukrainian journalist also ridiculed the exemplary “friendship” of Ukraine and Russia. To do this, he had one photo, which depicted the infamous Russian prison.

Roman Tsymbalyuk explained: “Lefortovo” passed, many Ukrainian political prisoners here now hold prisoners of war captured Ukrainian vehicles”. In his opinion, after such actions could not be and speeches about any “brotherhood” between peoples.

Recall, the blogger said, the terrible Russia without Putin.

As reported Politeka, Putin has disgraced the own annual press conference.

Politeka also wrote that Ukrainian journalist ridiculed the panic of the Russian Federation because of “Russophobia”.

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