Incredible discovery: the Perseverance rover finds volcanic rock

Incredible discovery: the Perseverance rover has found volcanic rock

The Nasa Perseverance rover discovered rock on the Red Planet, which is formed in hot magma.

The device made the discovery while exploring the crater Ezero.
< br /> According to NASA, the rover found crystals of olivine and pyroxene in the soil.

“A good geology student will tell you that this texture indicates rock formed as the crystals grew and settled in slowly cooling magma. For example, in a thick lava flow, lava lake or magma cell & quot ;, & ndash; reported scientist Ken Farley of California Institute of Technology Pasadena.

According to him, then the rock was changed several times due to the water. Scientists believe that the discovery will allow us to find out in what time period this happened, and to better understand the history of the planet.

“We need another mission to collect more samples from Mars,” said Dr. David Flannery of Queensland University of Technology.

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