Incident in the Bryansk region: a Russian actor appeared on the video

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 Incident in Bryansk region: Russian actor spotted on video

Among the “saboteurs” who entered the Bryansk region on March 2 turned out to be the former Russian actor Kirill Kanakhin.

According to Russian media, he acted in films under the pseudonym Kirill Rodonsky.

In particular, Kanakhin starred in the TV series Capercaillie-3, "Simple Truths", "Obsession", in the film "No one knows about sex— 2″ and worked in the troupe of the Academic Maly Theater of the Russian Federation.

According to the portal "", the young man lived in St. Petersburg for about a year, and when the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, he announced that he was going to the country to your mom. It is alleged that after that he appeared in social networks “in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.

According to SHOT, Denis Nikitin, a former friend of “Tesak”, a native of Moscow, was also identified in the video among those who appeared in the Bryansk region.< br />

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