In Zhytomyr parents burned in a furnace 3-year-old daughter

На Житомирщине родители сожгли в печи 3-летнюю дочь

Police are investigating the murder of a child.

In one of the villages in the Zhytomyr parents killed his little daughter, which won the adoptive parents. Then they burned her, reports the with reference to Browser.

About this informed the head of GUNP in Zhytomyr region Vyacheslav Pechenenko on his page in Facebook. According to him, the relatives of the girl’s parents already deprived of parental rights, but thanks to the activists the child was returned to her family.

“Cynicism and horror in this situation is the fact that the body of a dead child these bad people burned in a furnace, and the remains were rendered. At the very least, such evidence until we check. Now both in custody,” he added.

The chief of police explained that the family the girl’s parents tried to hide her disappearance. They dressed her son in girls things, but the locals caught the criminals.

На Житомирщине родители сожгли в печи 3-летнюю дочь

На Житомирщине родители сожгли в печи 3-летнюю дочь

“The worst thing in this situation is that the girl about a year ago, the efforts of pseudo-activists (who are on every street corner screaming about the abuse of children in family-type homes) was removed from the foster family (where she was looked after and were engaged in its education and health facilities) and returned to the genetic parents (who, because of addiction to alcohol are deprived of parental responsibilities in respect of the two children). While foster parents are tried in the higher courts to appeal decisions of local courts and to return the child, Dasha disappeared,” pechenenko said.

Now police are investigating the murder of a child.

First Deputy head of the National police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin on his page in Facebook added that killed 3-year-old roommate of her mother.

“The child’s mother reported that in August 2018 (!) her roommate during an argument pushed the kid who fell and hit his head. The child lost consciousness. After unsuccessful attempts to do CPR on the child female roommate around a fire in a furnace at home, burned the girl’s body, and the bones washed up on the street,” he said.

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