In Zaporozhye there was an accident involving a motorcyclist. Video

В Запорожье произошло ДТП с участием мотоциклиста. Видео

The man on the motorcycle made arrival on the pedestrian.

The accident occurred in the evening, around 21.00. Witnesses say the pedestrian crossed the road in the wrong place, at 30 meters from a traffic light, reports the with reference to Zabor.

However, local residents say that the traffic lights here with constant problems, and cars passing at high speed. So, the motorcyclist, the assurances of the witnesses, was driving at high speed.

The death of the student from electric shock under the lions got on the camera. Video

At the scene the ambulance arrived. The driver of the motorcycle was treated on the spot and the pedestrian, who was in serious condition, was taken to the hospital.

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