In Zaporozhye children assembled robot to save the Dnieper (VIDEO)

В Запорожье дети собрали робота, чтобы спасти Днепр (ВИДЕО)

Zaporizhia boys from the school of robotics and programming was happy. The action “let’s save the Dnieper together” they came with their new technical creation. Is the robotic laboratory of their own development Waterbot Patrol (robot water patrol). He knows a lot. To swim for long distances for four hours. Analyzing the quality and temperature of water in the river. Detect the accumulation of debris. And all their produced intelligence can send information to the shore. Today Zaporozhye schoolchildren it successfully demonstrated, reports Industrialco.

9-year-old Yang Zavgarov during demonstration performances of marine robot with knowledge of the case gave advice to the audience:

— This robot is a water laboratory. It measures the acidity, the temperature of the water will even measure humidity. The project idea was mine. And we implemented it together with my friends and our mentors.

— So he cleans the area or measuring the parameters? asked Jan, the woman on the shore.

— He cleans, and measures. To clean the water area from debris is supplied with a special grid, — answered the boy.

The head of the project “School of robotics and programming Smart kids” and the head of public organization “Ecosense” Tatiana Zavjalova told about the program.

— We believe that the project was successful. The children are happy with the results of the monitoring we see on the screen all the data. The robot works. I must say that this robot invented and made by the children themselves, — says Tatiana Haviarova. — Two years ago in Zaporizhia did not have robotics as a modern discipline and profession of the future. And our social organization “Ecosense” thought about the need to introduce children to new skills and train them in new ways.

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