In Zaporizhia, street dogs, green. Video

В Запорожье появились уличные собаки зеленого цвета. Видео

One of the painted animals filmed local residents.

In Zaporozhye noticed dogs green. The townspeople protested because of the possible ill-treatment of animals, reports the with reference to FaceNews.

The video was shot by a resident of the Hortitsky area of Zaporozhye.

So, the dog yard was painted green. What impact will the unusual “color” of the animal, his condition is unknown, it is unknown who mocked at by a dog.

Citizens in comments to the video were indignant seen, it is possible that the dog just poured green paint. However, some expressed the view that the dog could inadvertently fall asleep on the lawn, where he worked as landscapers.

In the Kharkiv subway was a fight. Video

The locals in the comments noted that this is not the first green dog in the area earlier in these lands I saw a few green animals.

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If you are a resident Baburka, and yesterday had a little too much, know that you are not. #Zaporozhye #Zaporizhzhya

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