In Yakutia, they could not vote for the Internet due to the lack of Internet

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 In Yakutia, they could not vote for the Internet due to lack of Internet

In Yakutia, residents of a number of remote villages could not vote for high-speed Internet, because voting took place on the Internet.

Voting for high-speed mobile the Internet in 2023 in towns and villages with a population of 100 to 500 people is carried out by the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation. Residents of remote villages in Yakutia complain that they cannot participate in the project due to insufficient network speed in these places for voting. Yelena Golomareva, a Yakut deputy, spoke about this during a session of the regional parliament.

“People from small villages write that this is some kind of mockery. They write how to vote for the Internet without the Internet, they say: in order to vote, you must have the Internet”, – the deputy said.

To enter the State Services portal, where online voting is held until November 12, you need a stable Internet connection. Alternative option – send a letter to Moscow by regular mail before November 26. However, for example, residents of the village of Nizhneyansk cannot use it, as there is no post office in the village, as in many other small settlements.

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