In Yakutia, the train derailed: possibly sabotage

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 Train derailed in Yakutia: possible sabotage

A train and 15 freight cars derailed in Russia. The incident occurred in the Yakut part of Siberia.

It is reported that the train overturned as a result of large-scale damage to the tracks on the Amur-Yakutsk railway line

“15 cars derailed. No dead, no injured. There is damage to the tracks for 300 meters. There are 53 cars in total,” the rescuers report.

Ukrainian activist Sergei Sternenko hinted on his Twitter that the train could have derailed as a result of sabotage organized by partisans.

” ; In Yakutia, thanks to unknown kind people, a train with fuel derailed. I wonder how it happened? he wrote.

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