In what direction is spinning a cat? New optical illusion with the animal brought to mind Twitter

В яку сторону крутиться кішка? Нова оптична ілюзія з твариною звела з розуму Twitter

An unidentified blogger posted a video in which a cat turns. For someone left, someone right. So which way was actually rotating animal?

On Twitter, one blogger recently posted a video with a silhouette of a cat, through which the entire network is literally crazy. Users want to unravel the secret of a new optical illusion. Short video shows how spinning black silhouette of the animal. At first glance, it seems that the cat rotates around its axis.

According to the author of the post, he asks for help, because can not determine the direction in which the animal turns. The spectators also were divided into those who see the move right and those who see the movement to the left. However, there are those for which the rotation occurs at a time. This mystery stumped all.

However, one commentator took to explain how to make this optical effect. He explained that our brain is so constituted that he sees only the outline, and on its basis it is impossible to determine which way to rotate a cat. Therefore, everything is perceived about, because it is impossible to establish the truth. It’s just one big illusion. We are so constituted that want certainty in all things.

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