In Volhynia the woman was killed by lightning

На Волыни женщину убило молнией

She had three children.

In the Volyn region lightning killed a woman who along with her husband were tending the cows in the field. While she provided first aid medics and villagers, lightning hit the family home, reports the with reference to TSN.

The tragedy occurred about half a kilometer from the village in the field where the husband and wife were herding cows. A storm came up and lightning hit the spot where the woman stood. She died on the spot, and the man dropped to the ground.

He suspects the zipper pull cell phones. When it started to rattle, they didn’t. This probably was the cause of the tragedy. Physicists say that the phone during a thunderstorm is very dangerous. “Creates an additional electric field, ionized air, its resistance according to Ohm’s law decreases – and then comes the discharge,” explained physicist Vasily Stepaniuc.

On earth, in the place where the hit likavka seen a pit and burnt grass. The lightning strike was so powerful that the woman burned clothes, holes in shoes. Medics arrived 15 minutes later but it was too late. “Very strong was burns all over the body. It was probably a direct lightning strike to the head that passed through her whole body,” says felsher Svetlana Lukashuk.

Field the man together with the doctors tried to resuscitate the woman family’s house and hit another zipper. Smoke saw his grandmother, who had returned there with his youngest grandson. The fire was extinguished before the arrival of rescuers. In one room was burnt almost everything: walls, appliances and baby stuff. Survived only the icon in the corner, not a scratch on it.

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The local priest considers it a miracle. Because of the sudden fire could hurt children, the family has three. While they repair the house, the children 14,13 and 8 years old will live at grandma and grandpas.

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