In Vinnytsia region on the move ignited the locomotive of a passenger train

A fire in suburban trains “haivoron-Rudnytsia” appeared in the 28 km of the road near the village Yalanets ‘ Tomashpil district, Vinnytsya region.

У Вінницькій області на ходу загорівся локомотив пасажирського поїзда

On the narrow-gauge railway “Golovanevsk-haivoron-Rudnytsia” Thursday night on the move ignited a locomotive passenger – train diesel locomotive TU2-179 built in 1958, as a result of incident nobody has suffered, passes Rus.Media.

As reports head Department gschs of Ukraine in Vinnytsia region on Friday, information about the fire came to the rescue at 19:00 on Thursday.

“On arrival to a call place another guard State firefighting and rescue part Bershad found that the fire engulfed the locomotive. The driver of the train in time to react to emergency and uncoupled three cars, where 25 passengers. Backing the locomotive from the city of haivoron transported passengers to their destination (article Rudnytsia)”, – stated in the message.

Rescuers have localized the fire at 19:24, and eliminated at 19:53. From the SSES to eliminate the consequences of emergency involved six personnel and two pieces of equipment. “Thanks to the decisive actions of the locomotive engineer and fighters of service of rescue of dead and injured was not”, – noted in gschs.

In the photos from the scene shows that the fire severely damaged the Central part of the locomotive, where the engine compartment and one of his cabins.

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