In Uzbekistan, a mother threw her daughter into a bear enclosure (Video)

 A mother in Uzbekistan threw her daughter into a bear enclosure (Video)

In Uzbekistan, a young woman, in front of others, threw a little girl into a bear enclosure. This was reported by the press service of the Tashkent Zoo.

“The Caucasian brown bear Zuzu, lying in his enclosure, followed the actions of a woman who threw the girl over a metal fence. Despite the attempts of visitors and zoo staff, it was not possible to stop the woman, she nevertheless threw the child down to the predator, — The zoo said in a statement.

The child was removed from the enclosure and examined by a zoo nurse. The girl suffered only from a fall from a height of almost 5 m, and not from the teeth of a predator, stressed at the zoo. During the initial examination, apart from bruises, no visible serious injuries were found in her.

The reasons for the woman's act are being investigated.

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