In Ukraine “wound up” pseudofree: became aware of the loss

В Украине "завелись" псевдоврачи: стало известно о потерях

It can be dangerous not only for your wallet but for your health

There are varieties of diagnosis that have no scientific basis, but spend money of patients and wasting precious time that could begin really effective treatment. This prevents the acting Minister of health Suprun.

According to her, one of these pseudo-diagnostic methods -iridology.

В Украине "завелись" псевдоврачи: стало известно о потерях

According to iridodiagnostic, each body part is associated to a corresponding area on the iris of the eye. And if some organ or part of body “crash”, it appears in the sight of man. For example, it can be change the color of the segment of the iris or the appearance of spots.

However, it is known that the structure of the iris is formed during fetal development and in fact, does not change during life. And the visual manifestations that the “diagnostics” notice in mind, can occur because of damage to the capillary or can be a visual manifestation of eye disease. But these changes are not connected with diseases of other systems to Organismo.

В Украине "завелись" псевдоврачи: стало известно о потерях

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It is dangerous that iridodiagnostic even make diagnoses and form treatment. Moreover, the disease does not actually affect the eye are diagnosed and other diseases, for treatment which need professional knowledge.

Studies that tried to prove that at least some the effectiveness of this method, showed exactly the opposite:

— The wrong diagnosis. In one study, iridodiagnostic examined people with kidney disease. As a result, the disease was diagnosed in 88% of healthy people, and 74% of patients really would have been healthy.

In another study, which dealt with cancer, iridodiagnosis examined 110 patients, 68 of whom were diagnosed with cancer. After applying the pseudo method all patients with cancer were identified, and most likely guessed, only 3 of the diagnosis.

— Contradictory diagnoses. In another research did the survey of people with bladder infections. Several iridodiagnosis established not only incorrect diagnoses, and even contradictory to each other.

— Diagnoses are not true. A review of existing research on iridology was published in 2000 indicates that this method has no efficiency. In particular it can be considered potentially dangerous, because you’re spending money and time patients are established but non-existent, or incorrect diagnoses.

В Украине "завелись" псевдоврачи: стало известно о потерях

“All this can create unnecessary stress for patients, expenditure of funds for unnecessary treatment, and most importantly — lead to loss of time for which it would be possible to start effective treatment,” — said Suprun.

We will remind, Ukrainians opened my eyes to the popular “Wellness”: it costs a lot of money and not cures.

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