In Ukraine counted hundreds of thousands of AIDS patients

В Украине насчитали сотни тысяч больных СПИДом

Ukrainians urged to take the test for HIV infection

Every year on 1 December world events to the Day of fight against AIDS. Today we are closer than ever to overcome one of the worst epidemics during the existence of mankind. AIDS no longer among the ten leading causes of death. Writes about this on Facebook acting Minister of health Suprun.

According to her, still with HIV infection lives about 37 million people on the planet. Not every one of them knows about their status. In Ukraine HIV-infected people, about 244 thousand people. Know their status, only half of the estimated number of people living with this infection.

В Украине насчитали сотни тысяч больных СПИДом

“Unfortunately, in Ukraine the majority of new cases are for the first time on 3 and 4 clinical stages of HIV infection when the health status is already poor. This situation can be corrected, if not to close eyes to the problem and in time to be tested”, — said the head of the Ministry of health.

Suprun says that now in Ukraine there are no problems with the treatment — we were the first in Eastern Europe are moving to 100% availability of drugs. That is, each HIV-Ukrainian can get treatment for free. Now in overcoming the disease are important to identify and bring to treatment all people living with HIV.

В Украине насчитали сотни тысяч больных СПИДом

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“If you haven’t checked myself — time to grow up. Visit your nearest testing site and carry out the test. It’s fast (15 minutes), free and confidential!”, notes Suprun.

Rapid HIV test can go to a family doctor in every health facility that provides primary medical care. The following year, the country imported more than one million high-quality (99% accuracy) tests as for state funds for the funding of international donors.

В Украине насчитали сотни тысяч больных СПИДом

Recall, Ukraine occupies the first place in the spread of HIV infection in Europe

Ukraine ranks first in the prevalence of HIV infection in Europe, in particular, due to the low level of detection of this infection. This at a press-conference, devoted to world day of fight against AIDS, said Vice health Minister on European integration Olga Stefanyshyna.

As reported Politeka, microbiologists have developed a vaccine that 8 weeks detects and blocks HIV

Also Politeka wrote that Ukraine ranked 137th place out of 149 countries in terms of population health


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