In Transnistria, two more “involved in the terrorist act” were arrested

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In the unrecognized Transnistria, “two more people involved in the preparation of the terrorist act” were detained” in the region. Anatoly Guretsky, Prosecutor General of the unrecognized republic, said this on the air of a local TV channel.

He spoke about the detention of “two more people from Pridnestrovie who could be involved in a terrorist attack against officials thwarted by the security forces.” According to the Prosecutor General, these persons were not directly involved in the preparations.

On March 9, the Pridnestrovian Investigative Committee announced the arrest of two suspects who “planned a terrorist attack.” against the leadership of the republic on the instructions of the SBU”, which the Ukrainian special service called a provocation orchestrated in the Kremlin. Then Guretsky said that allegedly, on the instructions of the SBU, a “terrorist attack against the OSCE delegation” was being prepared in the city of Bendery.

Bureau of Reintegration of Moldova suggested that Tiraspol hand over the suspects in the preparation of the terrorist attack in order to conduct their own investigation, but they did not agree to this.

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