In the world can recall half a million cars Tesla: what is the reason

У світі можуть відкликати пів мільйона автомобілів Tesla: у чому причина

Tesla cars yourself “tight” gas

The national administration of safety of traffic (NHTSA) announced the consideration of the petition, which asked the Agency to withdraw about 500 000 electric Tesla. Why – read on.

The petition States that the cars Tesla independently dispersed. This happens even when the driver did not touch the accelerator pedal. Moreover, with the “rise of the machines” has faced a significant number of users of electric cars, the company Ilona Mask.

On assurances of the Ministry, the problem with unintended acceleration for approximately half a million electric cars, including the Tesla model Model S, Model X and Model 3. Today already registered 127 complaints from drivers 123 car: reported 110 accidents and 52 cases of injury.

Some owners are faced with a situation where during slow Parking the car suddenly started accelerating and crashed into a car that was in front of the garage door or fence. Only a crash would stop the electric car from further movement.

У світі можуть відкликати пів мільйона автомобілів Tesla: у чому причина

Under the distribution fell half a million Tesla cars

Representatives of the NHTSA insist on verification of the model range of the Tesla. The purpose of the investigation is to find out the cause of such a defect, which leads to the fact that at an undetermined time machine for no apparent reason becomes uncontrollable. Guide Tesla the situation is not yet commented.

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