In the who classification, two new diseases

В классификации ВОЗ появились две новые болезни

Why you should not overdo it.

From now on, video game addiction, and overwork is an official disease. These were recognized by the world health organization, reports the with reference for a New time.

In the editorial who approved a version 11 of the International classification of diseases, in particular in the section of psychological disorders. The updated document will take effect from 1 January 2022.

According to the world health organization, overwork, or so-called syndrome of emotional burnout is described as physical and mental exhaustion. It is the result of chronic stress associated with work.

Disease away from the video games, that is gambling, is characterized by three main symptoms: first, it breaks down control, for example, frequency of games, duration, intensity, and secondly, the games begin to dominate over other life and everyday interests. Thirdly, despite the negative consequences, the player people can’t stop, even knowing that in this way he destroys his health.

The who noted that this behavior leads to significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational and other important areas of life.

According to Ministry of health of Ukraine, the most common signs of fatigue — feeling of weakness, confusion, memory impairment, decreased interest in work, irritability, constant sleepiness. All these symptoms report that it is necessary to stop, rest and restore the lost strength. Otherwise you risk to overwork, that is, a set of stable and adverse health changes in the body, after which it is difficult to return to normal.

The sheer exhaustion is characterized by headache, fatigue, chronic irritability, sleep disturbance. You may also experience hypertension or coronary heart disease.

To effective means of fatigue the Ministry of health include adequate sleep, proper diet in accordance with age-related needs and energy consumption, regular exercise, avoiding harmful habits, change of activity, optimism and a sense of humor, and Hobbies.

Strain results primarily consumer society, said the Deputy head of Board of all-Ukrainian medical society Constantine Inflated.

According to him, today, many see happiness as material wealth. Therefore, such people are constantly trying to make more money, because I see that someone earns more than they do, the doctor added.

“People who are immersed in this ideology, this philosophy of life, they are in constant pursuit of acquiring something, new money, new wealth, and so on. This urge motivates many to become not man and machine. Such a person is always unhappy because someone has more than him, who achieved more. He is always unhappy, and he always works under stress,” said Blown.

The basis of gambling addiction is the loneliness, is the lack of ties and affections, says psychotherapist Vyacheslav khalanskiy. According to him, problem gambling is two-fold: there is a psychological component and a social. The game itself is only a symptom.

This disease is often seen in families where either banned or not welcome to Express various feelings and experiences. A person with a gambling addiction, says psychologist, the mood changes dramatically during the context of the game. He becomes aggressive, depressed, experiencing depressing feeling. Social relations are reduced to, for example, games and relationships with your partner, or just games.

Such people think know the secret of winning and where to spend money after the triumph. Their credo — to make the effort a little, but get a lot. Infantile personality trait of the players, says Vyacheslav khalanskiy.

“It can be a symptom of the fact that the child has such a bright, kind of emotions in everyday life, there is almost such a warm contact with parents. He needs to find a sense of satisfaction, compensation for the fact that no emotional distress in life. For example, a breakdown in relations with parents. What I saw from his practice, this is the problem with emotionally cold relationship,” said khalanskaya.

Dependence on games is a problem for the entire family. To solve this problem you need not one, but all together, said Vyacheslav khalanskiy. According to him, to help man can restore healthy attachment, and participation in the life of the dependent returns to his life.

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According to who, the gamer can admit patients if for at least one year, symptoms — of games take more time and interfere with various aspects of life. However, for most of the game still remain a hobby and not turn into dependence, added to the organization. At the same time, manufacturers of computer games from around the world urged who to reconsider its decision, saying that it “is not based on sufficiently reliable evidence”.

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