In the USA, a letter from the front went on for 76 years

In the USA, a letter from the front went on for 76 years

At the end of World War II, in December 1945, John wrote to his mother in Massachusetts. “ Dear Mom, I received another letter from you today. I am very glad that you are doing well. I'm fine, too, and I can handle everything. The food only here is mostly lousy. I love you and kiss you, your son Johnny. Hope to see you soon. ”

John Gonsavles died in 2015, and his mom died much earlier. The letter, which was found in the post office in Pittsburgh, was delivered to John's widow Angelina, whom John met five years after the war.

Angelina is now 90 years old, and the letter was delivered to her on Christmas Eve. The woman says that this is the best gift she has received since the death of her husband, as if John had returned to her again. The couple lived together for 61 years, and they have five children.

The Pittsburgh Post Office employees attached a note from the office to the letter, in which they wrote to Angelina that despite the fact that the letter has come a long way, for them it is It is a great honor to deliver it to the sergeant's wife, because for sure it is of great value to the family.

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