In the US, they learned how to create “green” vodka

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 In the US, they learned how to create "green" vodka

The American company Air Company has learned how to create vodka from captured carbon dioxide and water.

The product is called Air Vodka.

“We have partners that we work with. They capture carbon dioxide before it enters the atmosphere. We then use this carbon dioxide in the process of creating alcohol. With each bottle we produce, carbon dioxide is removed that would have entered the atmosphere and I think this is very good for our planet, — says Gregory Konstantin, co-founder of Air Company.

Konstantin noted that this technology allows to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, as well as reduce the use of water.

Vodka is created by releasing hydrogen and oxygen from water by electrolysis. The hydrogen, together with separately captured CO2, is then fed into a dedicated carbon recycling system. In this case, ethanol is formed, which, in combination with water, forms a kind of vodka.

It is worth noting that such a “green” vodka will cost buyers “a pretty penny”. You will have to pay $ 65 for a bottle, which automatically classifies Air Vodka as a luxury brand of alcohol.

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