In the US the snake tried to hire a car, police

В США змея пыталась прокатиться на авто полицейских

The cops were not enthusiastic about such initiative.

Police officers from the Oro valley (Arizona, USA) jokingly said that one of their patrol cars now have to burn, reports the with reference to 120.

The fact that the underside of the car revealed a serpent’s tail and no one wanted to sit in the vehicle, popular among reptile.

Experts reassured the police, explaining that it is not necessary to take any decisive action, we just have to wait and reptile will crawl itself. And so it happened — realizing that no one is going to roll, the snake got bored, left the car and fled.

So, we are just going to have to burn this police car down to the ground now. Golder Ranch Fire District can you help a brother out?

Gepostet von Oro Valley Police Department am Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2019

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