In the US, doctors saved a baby girl weighing 245 grams. Video

В США врачи спасли новорожденную девочку весом 245 граммов. Видео

The baby was born on the sixth month of pregnancy, its weight was only 245 grams.

In the US the doctors came out of the smallest newborn in the world. The child’s weight at birth was 245 grams.

The child born in sixth month of pregnancy (23rd week) by caesarean section. The mother had discovered a rare disease preeclampsia, dangerous for the lives of herself and child.

The fetus stopped developing in the womb, which doctors took a decision about preterm labor.

The woman received a response to my letter in a bottle 45 years later. Video

A premature baby was hospitalized in San Diego, where she spent five months. The child suffered bleeding in the brain, heart and lungs. Wrote it when feeling returned to normal, and weight reached 2.5 kg.

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