In the US, a criminal in camouflage staged a shooting in a supermarket

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 In the US, a criminal in camouflage started shooting at a supermarket

At least 10 people were killed in a shooting at a supermarket in the US city of Buffalo, New York, which occurred on Saturday, May 14th. This is reported by the local branch of the NBC channel, citing sources and witnesses.

Eyewitnesses report that the shooter who attacked the supermarket was wearing a camouflage uniform, helmet, body armor and used an automatic rifle.
< br /> “Five bodies were found in the parking lot,” said one of the police officers. According to him, several people died on the spot. Their exact number has not yet been disclosed.

The media also reports that one of the dead is the shooter, but the city police Twitter page indicates that the shooter is in custody.

Law enforcement agencies are investigating the motives of the criminal and they say that he had a video camera with which he may have broadcast live on social networks.

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