In the United States unveiled an electric supercar with four engines: a powerful video

У США представили електричний суперкар з чотирма двигунами: потужне відео

Drako GTE
/ autogeek

On the racetrack, the Thermal Club in California American been tested in the field electric supercar Drako GTE.

Driving a luxury car worth $ 1.25 million during the tests was the famous test pilot of Lamborghini Valentino Balbon.

The first model is a four-seater electric car, with batteries 90 kW*h with fast charging. A key feature is its auto transmission with four engines, where each engine can operate in the power range from +225 -225 kW to kW. Four motors with permanent magnets generating 1,200 HP at a total time of 8800 Nm. The maximum speed of the car will be more than 330 km/h.

Each of the GTE wheels connected with the motor through a separate gear units with direct drive, this allows you to control them for very accurate transmission of torque. Also, each motor has its own gearbox at the wheel, it provides a very high torque.

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