In the United States impose a state of emergency: what does trump

В США вводят чрезвычайное положение: чего добивается Трамп

The President of the United States Donald trump is ready to radically affect the U.S. Congress by entering the country state of emergency

The immigration crisis at the border with the U.S. Mexico has become the reason for the decision to build trump on the border with country the wall.

The statement of the President of the United States about the necessity of introduction of state of emergency in the country according to experts is the reason for the financing facility on the border with Mexico to bypass the U.S. Congress.

В США вводят чрезвычайное положение: чего добивается Трамп

It is known that the day before the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi made that will try to challenge the legality of the decision of trump.

As noted in the publication of Reuters, Donald trump will be able to leverage about 8 billion dollars that was approved earlier for other purposes. According to information from the White House, the US President focused on the means of the Pentagon and the Ministry of Finance.

The Congress which is in the process of reviewing the draft budget for the construction of the barrier on the border with Mexico, specifies the amount of 1.3 billion dollars. Donald trump disagrees with the funding of this strategic object, demanding to increase the sum to 5.7 billion dollars.

It is known that the decision was not supported by Democrats in Congress.

Earlier it was reported that the American President Donald trump has decided to accelerate the process of Ukraine’s integration into the Alliance.

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Such opinion in interview to journalists was voiced by former NATO representative in the Russian Federation Harry Tabs.

В США вводят чрезвычайное положение: чего добивается Трамп

According to him, the leader of the White house has instructed to solve a question about changing current of the NATO Charter because of problems with Ukraine’s accession to the Alliance on the background of military aggression by Russia.

“I know that trump has instructed that worked 5 paragraph in the NATO Charter and found a way for Georgia and Ukraine. I can’t predict, but I can analyze what happened,” he said.

Tabs also said that Ukraine was pleasantly surprised by the West many things that have been implemented recently.

“In no case do not advertise any candidate, because I don’t have that right, since I’m not Ukrainian. But I want to say that over the past five years, Ukraine has done a lot of things in the West are not expected. For example, what will be the visa-free regime, when the country goes to war and financial crisis. Even Turkey — a NATO ally — not a visa-free regime and Ukraine have achieved this.

Same with the Church: it seemed that whoever went against the Russian Orthodox Church — it’s a giant, but Ukraine has achieved it, received Tomos. I would not be surprised if Ukraine will join the NATO”, — he concluded in communicating with someone.

We will remind, Putin has disgraced lies: trump “appointed” meeting in the most unexpected place.

As reported Politeka, trump appealed to Putin with a strange message: We are like a piggy Bank.

Politeka also wrote that the President gave an emergency address to the nation: “the Crisis”.

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