In the United States died a famous actor

В США умер известный актер

The man became famous for her role in “the Godfather.

American actor Carmine Karydi died at 86 in Los Angeles, reports the with reference to NewsOne.

It is noted that the actor has already started to feel bad. In April of 2019, he fell awkwardly and hurt my back, then Karydi sick with pneumonia.

But worse, the actor was may 25. He was taken to the hospital where he slipped into a coma. Without regaining consciousness Caride died.

Carmine Karydi, a well — known actor, was born January 23, 1934. The role that brought him popularity was the performance of the Carmine Rosato in “the Godfather”. He also played in such films as “Brewster’s Millions”, “Havana”, “blood Brothers” and “murder She wrote”.

Well-known actor attended the premiere of the movie “Aladdin”

Karidi memorable scandals that have occurred in 2014. He became the first actor who was expelled from the Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences. Did it because he allegedly gave a copy of the film “Love by rules… and without” to his friend, and after this picture appeared on the network.

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