In the Ukrainian capital opened a Grand exhibition of cats (PHOTOS)

Thousands of fluffy beauties participated in the event.

In Kiev started the international exhibition “Grand Prix Pro Plan”, which is the largest of such events in Ukraine. More than a thousand cats will be presented on 11-12 November at the International exhibition center. The jury will choose the best among different breeds, reports the with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

According to the organizers, the exhibition will bring together all the organisations represented in Ukraine. Among 1,000 cats will determine the winner, who will receive the car. Styler saw fluffy exhibitors and produced a bright “the cat” photo of the IEC.

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The exhibition programme will feature many contests, Raffles and gifts. For the youngest guests – children’s area. And if you want to buy a kitten, you can consult a vet for free.

From each system in the final will be four representatives: nominations Best Kitten, Best Junior, Best Adult, Best Neuter, among which the judging panel will select the prize winners and the main winner.

By the way, in Belarus found a wild cat, which was believed to be extinct. The appearance recorded on the territory of the former village Rozhava evacuated after the Chernobyl accident.
Specialists have discovered an animal in the Polesie state radiation-ecological reserve. Here, on the territory of the evacuated villages, a camera trap recorded a wild cat. Despite the poor quality of night shooting, it’s safe to say that this is the forest cat.

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Talking about this main identification signs which can be seen in the photo: large size, long hind foot and a massive tail with five distinct black bands. In Belarus, the last specimen was killed in the winter of 1927.

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