In the UK there will be a road with zero emissions

У Великобританії з'явиться дорога з нульовим рівнем викидів

In the spring of 2020 the UK will be put into operation the road with zero emissions. It is a project of London authorities to reduce the level of emissions coming from cars. 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the road Beech Street will be banned the movement of petrol and diesel cars.

Before you make a final decision about a long term project, will launch a trial period of 18 months. Cars running on electricity and hydrogen, will allow access to the street, while hybrid vehicles can drive on it only if they are able to drive for at least 32 km in zero emission mode. It is known that will allow movement of vehicles for debris removal and emergency transport.

У Великобританії з'явиться дорога з нульовим рівнем викидів

Keep track of which vehicles entered the area, and to assess whether they were covered by the regulations are cameras with automatic license plate recognition. In case of violation, the driver will assign a penalty of 130 pounds. When you pay the fine within two weeks, the price will decrease by 2 times and amounted to 65 pounds.

London authorities claims that there will be a special information campaign, thanks to which the maximum number of people know about blocked traffic. Moreover, with the entrance on the road placed special warning signs. Experimental scheme of traffic is using the latest technology. If the project meets expectations, it will expand, scaling this scheme of movement.

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