In the U.S. the writer is caught in a lie live

В США писательницу уличили во лжи в прямом эфире

The woman denied own book.

American feminist and writer Naomi wolf, just published a book about how in Victorian times persecuted gays, was forced to admit live that the Central part of her argument does not correspond to reality, reports the with reference to Realist.

Her latest book “Persecution: Sex, censorship and the criminalization of love” was published in Britain last week.

In it, Woolf writes that in Victorian times, gay men were simply executed. It bases its argument on the archives of the Central criminal court in London known as the Old Bailey.

In the archives she discovered a lot of court cases where the sentence was given “written death” (death recorded).

Naomi wolf has interpreted this phrase as the sentence of death, executed.

But in a live radio BBC presenter informed her that in those times, this phrase meant something quite different, namely that the judge was convinced that the convict had plenty of chances to be pardoned.

Naomi wolf, as it turned out, did not know about it, considering that, as in modern language, the words “recorded death” would mean that the death penalty was enforced, it would mean the same thing in the language of the nineteenth century.

A leading force then raised the question about the fate of one of the main characters in the book wolf, teenager Thomas silver, which, as the author writes, was executed for homosexual relations with a boy.

Silver spent two years, and then was released on bail, but was never executed.

Then the host of the BBC noted that although in the book Naomi wolf argues that in the Victorian era were executed tens gays, but actually there is no example of such executions.

Wolff responded that the issue of legal terms-nineteenth century should be studied more closely.

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Gay male in the UK were imprisoned until the decriminalization of gays in 1967. Lesbians did not touch him (allegedly because Queen Victoria at the time could not believe that women are capable of homosexual love).

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