In the sky above US caught rainbow cloud

This rainbow had the atypical form.

We believe that even triple rainbow – a rare natural phenomenon is very beautiful and almost always causes a mixed feeling of delight and surprise. But residents of the American city of avalon (NJ) the other day, watched even more difficult “heavenly sign” — horizontal rainbow, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

Horizontal rainbow called fire. In principle, it’s just a cloud, a kind of painted by the sun, a kind of halo. In nature this phenomenon you can often observe at the equator. For him, says meteorologist National weather service, USA Dean Yovino, it is necessary to respect some unique conditions of elevation of the sun above the horizon at the level of 58-60 degrees, Cirrus clouds with hexagonal ice crystals, certainly arranged horizontally. You understand that such coincidences can be even at the equator are very rare, and because the horizontal rainbow in the world has seen few.

Residents of avalon just got lucky, but because on the days social network is literally full of photos with this rare halo. Fortunately, now every pocket has a smartphone with photo and video camera.

By the way, since the horizontal rainbow – a rare natural phenomenon, many Americans are not only admired, but also scared him, considering the evil omen in the sky. Maybe it is good? But lately, residents of the United States good of the future do not expect, and therefore, judging by the comments the images cautiously perceive even rainbow, though unusual.

For example, one of the residents of avalon wrote that he is in all his long life never seen anything like it, but because the first thought was: this is the military or something namudrili, or aliens scare us, or really God himself proclaims the end of the world.

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But this time the youth, especially among newcomers, laughed and did shot it “burning cloud” on their gadgets…

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