In the skies above Oklahoma has recorded two UFOs

Over Oklahoma in the sky, noticed two UFOs. The objects captured on camera bystanders.

A resident of Oklahoma in the evening went to collect her son from school, and when they came back, they saw in the sky two dark strange flying object. According to the man, he quickly took out his smartphone to capture a UFO on camera. He then published the received frames in the Network.

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Users of the popular site began to comment on the episode. They began to put forward their hypothesis of what happened, but the main version still is a visit of the Earth representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Ufologists have not commented on the video, but the author frames no doubt that filmed it a UFO.

Earlier it became known which country first come into contact with aliens. It will be China. They will help the 500-meter radio telescope, which is able to find signals from other galaxies, which will help to make contact with aliens.

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