In the situation room AP was not servers.

В ситуационной комнате АП не было серверов, - Шимкив

Former Deputy head of the AP denies the in the situation room of the AP servers with sensitive data.

Dmytro shymkiv, former Deputy head of administration of the President of Petro Poroshenko, denies the in the situation room of the AP servers with sensitive data.

About this he wrote in Facebook from America, commenting on the statement by the new Secretary of the NSDC Alexander Danilyuk about the disappearance of the situation room in the AP monitors and servers with sensitive information, reports the online edition of the with reference to PKG.

“The architecture situation room does not involve any servers other than the video server to control video wall and other displays. The main role of the video server output various video sources on the combined space of screens,” said shymkiv.

According to him, the main aim of this approach is “to combine information sources with different levels of protection in a single space of perception of information”.

“No state entity will not give you a copy of the information resources, but can, under certain conditions, and the presence of an operator to give a video image of the workplace, which is in most institutions. It’s something like remote access to a computer or server,” said shymkiv.

According to him, over a secure communication channel “is transmitted only the video, not data, and therefore eliminates the need to maintain and build some intermediate server or storage”.

From NSDC disappeared servers with sensitive information

“This allowed us to circumvent the requirements of regulations and to reflect the sources of different origin at the same time”, – explained ex-the Deputy head of AP.

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