In the Russian Federation, they want to remove Barbara Brylska from the “Irony of Fate”, who supported Akhedzhakova

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Polish actress and star of the cult film "Irony of Fate" Barbara Brylska advised Leah Akhedzhakova to leave Russia. The proposal came after the 84-year-old Akhedzhakova was fired from the Sovremennik Theater. Brylska believes that Russia is unworthy of Leah Akhedzhakova and “communists will not give life.” an artist.

"Leah, keep it up! Motherland, such a motherland, is unworthy of it. Of course she needs to leave. They won't give her life, these communists, God-damned people. She needs to leave and fight like we do, – Barbara spoke out.

With her comments, the Polish actress angered Olga Zanko, deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma committee for the development of civil society, so she suggested “erasing” the face of Barbara from a famous movie. Olga Zanko shared this idea in her Telegram channel. In addition, the official, using a neural network, showed how the film "Irony of Fate" may look without Brylskaya, replacing the main character Valentina Talyzina.

“For an actor, the worst punishment – oblivion. Once beloved by the whole country, the actress Brylska made her choice, calling her fans “God-damned people.” Our country gave her glory and honor, but we can also easily erase this actress from the “Irony of Fate”, – summed up Zanko.

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