In the Russian Federation has responded to the threat of Ukraine to achieve the “Hamburg” sanctions

В РФ отреагировали на угрозы Украины добиться "гамбургских" санкций

Russia at the session of the Tribunal was not involved.

Russia is skeptical about the statement that Ukraine will require the introduction of Germany “Hamburg” sanctions if Moscow refuses to implement the decision of the International Tribunal for the law of the sea concerning the release of the Ukrainian seamen.

“As we have learned, for sanctions does not need a reason — their stamp on the stream,” she said.

We will remind, on the eve of the international court of justice has obliged the Russian Federation to release the Ukrainian sailors arrested in late November near the Kerch Strait and to return Ukrainian military vessels.

It should be noted that Russia at the session of the Tribunal was not involved, and of the judges against this decision was made by a Russian judge Kolodkin.

The US imposed new sanctions against Russian companies

Ukraine positively evaluated the preliminary verdict of the Tribunal and said he expected the speedy return of the sailors to the Homeland.

We will note, Moscow has ordered the release of Ukrainian sailors and to report thereon before the Tribunal until June 25.

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