In the Russian Federation, a factory that produced ammunition around the clock exploded

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 A plant that produced round-the-clock ammunition exploded in Russia

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Enterprise "Perm Powder Plant" produces charges for Russian missiles and has been operating around the clock since September. This is the second fire at the enterprise in recent months.

At least three people died as a result of a fire on the territory of the Perm Powder Plant, the Russian media write, citing the city's only duty dispatch service on Sunday, 23 October.

Another victim in serious condition was taken to the intensive care unit at the city hospital, the company reported.

The fire broke out the night before in the plastics production room, the fire area was 20 square meters. Local residents said they heard an explosion after the fire. This is the second fire at the plant in recent months that has resulted in casualties. Three people died at the plant in May.

Russian MLRS “Grad” were left without charges and “Smerch”, air defense systems “Buk” and "S-300", suspended air-to-air missiles and Kh-101 and Kh-555 cruise missiles, tanks and self-propelled guns. The Perm Powder Plant is the only manufacturer of charges for these systems. Gunpowder for small arms (automatic and machine guns) was also produced at the PPP.

In September, military enterprises in Perm, including the Perm Powder Plant, were transferred to round-the-clock work in three shifts, the Russians wrote. MASS MEDIA. This decision was connected with the fulfillment of the state defense order after the start of a full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

According to Russian public reports, the fire and explosion at the plant were set up by their own bosses together with their partners in order to hide billions of dollars of embezzlement: the explosion occurred a couple of hours after the appearance on Telegram messages of the Cheka-OGPU about the start of an investigation against the ANO “Complex Engineering”, which in 2018-2021, together with the Perm Powder Plant, sawed over 9 billion rubles on government orders.

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