In the Russian Federation, 18 people were poisoned to death by alcohol

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In the Russian Federation, 18 people were poisoned to death by alcohol

This is the second such case in recent years.

In Yekaterinburg, Russia, 18 people died over several days due to poisoning surrogate alcohol. & # 171; Entrepreneurs & # 187; in one of the city's markets they sold & # 171; bottled alcohol & # 187;, reports with reference to Channel 24.

And they made it with their own hands on the basis of deadly methanol. The Russian security officials detained the businessmen, and the deceased said that they were all & # 171; antisocial elements & # 187 ;.

18 people in Yekaterinburg died due to alcohol poisoning

In Yekaterinburg, Russia, 18 people died after & nbsp; homemade alcohol poisoning & nbsp; based on methyl alcohol (methanol).

  • The surrogate was sold, as they write & # 171; Izvestia & # 187 ;, at the Botanical Market & # 171; on tap & # 187; more than a week.
  • And all this time people were poisoned and died until the Russian law enforcement agencies reacted.
  • The dealers who made and sold the swill were detained. And the dead were recorded in & # 171; asocial elements & # 187; society.

Telegram channel & # 171; Rise & # 187; quoted the project coordinator & # 171; People's Control & # 187; in the Sverdlovsk region of Dmitry Chukreev:

Orenburg has just died down, where more than 30 people have died due to methanol. And now this trouble has reached us! After the rapid growth of fatal poisonings on the market, a large-scale operation of the security forces took place. The merchants were detained.

Chukreev recalled that only a week ago in Orenburg the same trouble occurred – people were poisoned with homemade alcohol based on methanol. There more than 30 people died between the ages of 36 and 73.

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