In the river the car hit a grandmother with a child

В Днепре легковушка сбила бабушку с ребенком

The child has a fracture of the hip joint.

Monday, may 27, at the prospect of Peter Kalnyshevsky Chevrolet hit a woman with a child. Both the scene of the accident with bruises and a suspected broken taken away by ambulance, reports the with reference to the Informant.

It is known that the car was driving along prospect Peter Kalnyshevsky in the direction of the street Baikal. According to the preliminary version, based on the words patrol and witnesses, a woman with a child crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. Cars, including Chevrolet, stopped to let them pass, but the driver suddenly “jerked” and went right at them.

To help the victims immediately rushed passers-by. Eventually the woman and 6-year-old girl was taken to the ambulance in 6-th city children’s hospital on the Space respectively. As for injuries: the woman received bruises and abrasions, the child has bruise of a thorax and a fracture of the hip joint. A patrol crew on the spot, as the investigator, they know about the details of the incident.

Recall that near the house No. 33 is an unregulated pedestrian crossing. Both here and on other such transitions be careful — make sure drivers can see you, and only then start to go. Remember that your life is solely in your hands.

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