In the river, police rescued a girl, who decided to commit suicide

В Днепре полицейские спасли девушку, решившуюся на суицид

To save her was able at the last moment.

In the river patrol police rescued a girl who had intended to commit suicide by throwing himself into the river with Kaydaksky bridge. Militiamen managed to stop the unfortunate for a moment before the jump, reports the Chronicle.OS info link

The incident occurred on may 27 around 04:00. To the specialline 102 a cab driver called and said that a ride from a woman who said that nobody wants, why he wants to kill himself. According to him, she got out of the taxi and strolled toward Kaydaksky bridge.

In place of a possible accident, immediately sent a patrol crew of Vladimir Shport and Vladislav Marchenkova.

“The police arrived in time. The woman climbed over the railing of the bridge, sat on them and barely held hands. Another moment and could be irreparable. But the patrol was prompt. A few seconds was enough to catch her and drag over the railing,” he told police.

As it turned out, the woman decided to commit suicide due to family problems. Police had the woman psychological support and taken home, where he was handed over to her relatives.

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Gepostet von Patrol polca Dnepropetrovsk region am Montag, 27. Mai 2019

В Днепре полицейские спасли девушку, решившуюся на суицид

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