In the river near the metro, the man died

В Днепре возле метро умер мужчина

He looks to be about 50 — 55 years.

Wednesday, may 29, a passerby noticed the man who sat motionless near the stall on the Big Dievskaya. Any signs of life he didn’t, so she immediately called to the scene an ambulance and the police, reports the OS the reference to the Informant.

Despite the fact that the medics arrived promptly, they could only state the death. The woman said that the day before was walking past the metro station “Pokrovskaya” and saw a man sitting on the curb and ate the bread. When she came back — he was still lying on the ground.

Previously, the man was homeless. Nothing but a few crusts of bread, next to the body were not, including documents, so the identity of the deceased is not yet established. He looks to be about 50 — 55 years. What was the cause of death, forensic experts will find out.

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