In the river killed 21-year-old girl

Anna Kurochkin, with which the connection was broken November 28, was found dead.

У Дніпрі вбили 21-річну дівчину

Relatives and friends searched for Anya almost seven days. The strange circumstances under which the girl disappeared, did not give rest to the mother of Natalia. Anya’s parents valued and were always filled with their plans, and then – no warning, gone, vanished. Strange was that the girl disappeared, not taking any of my things.

3 Dec investigator who was looking for Anna, called her parents and asked to come to the house she was renting with her boyfriend Oleg and his friend Vladimir.

– There is on the estate are two houses, one where she was Anya, and the second away, somewhat less. In the basement next to second home found her body, told cousin Constantine. – Killed her friend, Oleg, was bludgeoned on the head. He knew that Anya has five thousand. Took money, a laptop and one mobile phone. All these days remained in the house, went to the police, testified.

It is obvious that Vladimir had planned his crime, because the weekend, when the connection with Anya snapped, her boyfriend Oleg went to her parents in Kherson. And the mysterious disappearance of light, the cause of which the girl was trying to figure out out on the street, it was also not accidental.

A suspect in the murder of the girl arrested. He faces 7 to 15 years of imprisonment.

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