In the river in the apartment found the body of a child

В Днепре в квартире нашли тело ребенка

His mother cut her wrists.

Early in the morning of June 1 for help to the doctor asked the woman, who said that he had cut his wrists. The doctors immediately went to help. Upon entering the apartment on the street Berezinsky, they saw not only the woman but the body of her dead son, reports the with reference to the Informant.

The mother was barely able to explain what happened. She claimed that she accidentally dropped the baby yesterday, after which he did not awake. Doctors immediately called the police.

It is known that 3-year-old boy suffered from cerebral palsy. How exactly killed the kid to find out to militiamen. According to preliminary information, the woman could really drop the baby, as she occasionally abused alcohol. Realizing that the baby died, the mother began to drink even more, and then tried to settle scores with life.

The doctors gave the woman first aid and hospitalized her in the city hospital №6. Meanwhile, law enforcement officers inspected the scene. Previously, the body of the deceased child has injuries.

In the capital, the teenagers beat an elderly man

Arrived on the scene investigative team of Industrial police. Now law enforcement agencies which will determine all details of the incident. If the investigation finds that the woman actually killed the baby, she faces a prison sentence.

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