In the river a BMW convertible on avtonomera crashed into a Renault

В Днепре BMW кабриолет на еврономерах врезался в Renault

May 30, Sichevskyi Embankment near the house 29, an accident involving a BMW convertible on avtonomera and Renault, Kadoo. Without victims, writes the with reference to the Informant.

The accident happened around 19:20.

According to the Renault driver, he was out of the Parking on the promenade and was immediately rebuilt in an extreme left number. At this time, in the same row were driving a BMW convertible at a very high speed. The driver of the “German” did not have time to slow down and flew into “French”.

From the collision the Renault bounced to the extreme right lane and almost caught pedestrians. Fortunately has done without victims. In the river port the huge stopper was formed, the traffic was carried out in the opposite lane.

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There were police patrol and investigative team.

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