In the Odessa medical University rioted. Video

В Одесском медицинском университете устроили беспорядки. Видео

Police detained a group of unknown broke into the University.

In Odessa there were clashes near the Odessa medical University. June 3, police detained 51 party struggles that law enforcement officers associated with the failure of the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the University. This was announced by Deputy head of the Department of emergency in Odessa region Sergey Makhotin, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

He said that the detainees were taken to Portofrankovsky the police station, where they communicate with the investigators.

A group of young people of a sports Constitution burst in on June 3 in Odessa medical University, which hosted the meeting of the Supervisory Board with the participation of the acting rector Vladlena’s Dubinina and other representatives of the University administration.

Press Secretary of the University Yaroslav Vitko said that the members of the Supervisory Board with a group of activists entered the building of the rectorate, despite the fact that it was blocked by the people of the former rector of Medina Zaporozhan.

However, later in the administrative building, broke through a group of persons wearing hoods and masks. They sprayed the room with tear gas.

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The meeting of the Supervisory Council adjourned, and its members and officers left the administrative building, where now only law enforcement officers who have received a signal about mining.

Gepostet von Alex Tarasenko am Montag, 3. Juni 2019

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