In the occupied Donbas showed the purchase of “contraband” goods. Video

На оккупированном Донбассе показали покупку "контрабандных" товаров. Видео

Ordinary things are often sold as contraband.

In “DNR” trafficking is flourishing. For the implementation of the goods imported “illegally” created clandestine point of sales, reports the with reference to the Donetsk news.

A resident of Donetsk Igor Poltavets showed one of these points, located in the center of Donetsk. Here he purchased perfume himself and his wife.

Judging from the ads on the door “the cellar” is open from 9:00 to 15:30, Saturday and Sunday – closed. The door is constantly locked, the entrance is on a call.

Finnish journalist ate an article which criticized the players. Video

“Here’s a nondescript basement. It is possible to buy a great perfume and toilet water. And it is located opposite the sports complex “Olympic”. Who remembers former store [bags] “the Bag”. Just go to the side, and the whole thing to acquire,” – commented on the visit to “boutique” Poltavets.

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